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Health System No. 1: Acidification

Acidification is one of the 6 health systems that take place in humans and on which people themselves have a lot of influence through their food intake. Nutrition can be either acid-forming or base-forming or neutral. Every food has a so-called acid value or base value. Meat, milk, cheese, eggs and fish, for example, are acidic, vegetables and fruit are alkaline and neutralise these acids again.

If someone eats or drinks too much acidifying food, his body will become acidic and in the long run all kinds of diseases can develop. Examples of acidifying diseases are gout, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Before these diseases manifest themselves, however, they are accompanied by all kinds of symptoms that I have put in the symptom list below.

Take some time to fill in that list and send it to John Verhiel. Your degree of acidification is calculated for you and indicated in numbers from 1 to +50. You will receive advice on how to deal with your acidification.

Finally, it is important that you indicate in the questionnaire what your complaint(s) are, so that John can be of even better service to you.

Questionnaire form Acidification: