Biologisch dynamische voeding betaalbaar en overzichtelijk maken voor iedereen 

Coach healthy lifestyle and exercise: 

My name is Daphne van Loo, an expert in the field of developing a Healthy Lifestyle. The golden formula is to combine the right nutrition, movement (in nature) and relaxation that suits you, natural body care and spirituality. I am Yogi in heart and soul, preferring to do a Yoga teacher training.

Also fanatic Aerialist, cardio through Barre fitness and Roller skating.

By complementing this with a great passion for healthy cooking with natural ingredients and making my own care products with the Essential Oils of Doterra, I meet the very latest requirements to be able to coach you well.

People are increasingly aware that obesity and nutritional problems are a growing problem, and that many people are asking for more information about a healthy lifestyle. We see, for example, that at the moment 1 in 3 people is overweight. In my opinion, this can be linked to a number of causes;

-We often have (too) busy schedules so we don't have time to prepare healthy food or exercise enough.

-We have not learned from our parents how to prepare healthy food (this is especially the case for the group 18 to 30 year olds),

-or we've gotten into a negative spiral in which we're no longer consciously engaged in a healthy lifestyle...

Many diets are only aimed at adjusting a healthy eating schedule, but in my opinion this often does not have a lasting result. We often see a list of factors that ultimately cause obesity. Good guidance is essential to achieve a lasting result!

Through my experiences in developing a healthy lifestyle, I have been inspired to guide people to a healthy lifestyle so that I can support each person even better individually.

Would you like me to contact you for personal guidance to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and exercise pattern, please fill in the questionnaire below first, I will contact you as soon as possible.

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