Biologisch dynamische voeding betaalbaar en overzichtelijk maken voor iedereen 

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Anyone who wants to test their health for free can gain more insight into their health through this website. This makes taking supplements more efficient and can be used both preventively and curatively.

Our mission and life goal is to help people improve their health. 

Who are we?

Daphne van Loo is an independent Entrepeneur, works from home and is a certified Orthomolecular Nutrition Therapist plus Basic Medical Knowledge.

Click here for Daphne's courses. Daphne answers all your questions in the field of Essential oils and Nutritional supplements.

John Verhiel is also an independent Entrepeneur, owner of CPG / Center for Preventive Medicine and has very broad knowledge in the field of health, nutrition and prevention. Click here for John's training and medical specializations. 

John answers all your questions regarding health complaints.

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