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Introduction page:
Health is our highest good. 

Let food be your medicine, not the other way around ...

In addition to a healthy lifestyle and sufficient exercise, the health of our body depends on a number of important health systems. These are; too many acids in our body, a disturbed intestinal flora / immunity, a wrong ratio between omega-3 and 6 fats, a disturbed sugar metabolism, poor oxygen uptake and finally the damage that free radicals inflict on our body if we have too little fruit and vegetables use.

The purpose of this website is to inform you about these health systems, combined with a number of self-tests, so that afterwards you know exactly in which system the cause of your complaint (s) is. By clicking on one of the health systems below you will automatically be taken to the relevant page. Here you see a number of questions that you answer as honestly as possible with Yes, No or Occasionally.

You go through the questions of 6 health systems at your own choice. In each 'system' 'minus points' are given. Up to 40 minus points you can use the recommended supplements to improve your health problems. 

Above 40 minus points, the resulting shortages are so great that a follow-up test is recommended. This can be a large blood test, a stool analysis, an omega36 index test or a Glucose Tolerance test. 

Check below the various complaints that have to do with the health systems. Start by filling in the list that you think contains the most complaints. After having filled in and sent a list, you can go back to this page to fill in the next list. Good luck!

1) Acidification: 

Complaints related to acidification: Infections, inflammation, joint problems, pain, fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis, heartburn, acid regurgitation, farmers, gastric mucosa inflammation, 12-finger intestinal inflammation, muscle cramps / calves, raised blood pressure , tooth decay / bad teeth, depression, fears, sweat attacks, hot flashes, bone loss / osteoporosis, burning pains, hyperactivity, allergies, heart palpitations, muscle weakness, muscle pain, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, poor sleep, headache, migraine, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome ( PMS), irritability, tenseness, rapid heartbeat, heart attack (had), tremor, muscle weakness, low appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, general weakness, muscle injury, weak reflexes, irregular pulse, poor heart and / or kidney function , lowered blood pressure, listlessness and arrhythmias

2) Gut dysbiosis and immunity: 

Complaints related to the intestine, immunity and fungi: Bowel infections, itching of the anus, itching of the nose, Crohn's disease, collitis ulcerosa, diarrhea, constipation, constipation, constipation, flatulence, farmers, mouth odor, immune problems, allergies, itching in the ears, fungal infection in the vagina, vaginal discharge, lime nails, cold hands and / or feet, poor digestion, heartburn, need for sugar / sweetness, irritability, more frequent headache, poor memory, as if 'mist' in the head dizziness, recurrent depression, menstrual problems, prostate inflammation, urinary tract / cystitis, hay fever, runny nose, regular cough, athlete's foot, skin rash and psoriasis).

3) Fat metabolism:

Complaints related to the fatty acid metabolism (Part 1): PMS / stressed before menstruation, tensions, irritability, hot flash, quarreling, headache, migraine, skin inflammation, pimples, fistulas, cysts, chemotactic = contact eczema, atopic = congenital eczema , psoriasis, asthma, bronchitis, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, inflammation, pain, rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, painful fat toe joint, fever, underweight, overweight, increased blood stickiness, heart attack (had), stroke / tia (had), thrombosis / leg (had), pulmonary embolism (had), ulcerative collitis, hormonal disorders, thyroid problems and cysts on the ovaries). (Part 2): Arteriosclerosis, pain / stitches in the heart, neurodermatitis, vitiligo, heart rhythm disorders, allergies, high blood pressure, food allergies, multiple sclerosis, obesity, Crohn's disease, PDS / IBS / Irritable Bowel Syndrome, schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar depressions, fears, winter depressions, ADD, ADHD, autism, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, macular degeneration, ALS, PND / Post Natal Depressions (had) and sleeping problems (also in children).

4) Carbohydrate metabolism:

Complaints related to the sugar metabolism (Part 1): Fatigue, dips after meals, then a feeling of 'just on the couch', sometimes a slump during the day, then often craving something to eat, preferably sweet, preferably savory , high sugar consumption, or need for (much) sweet, better if what is eaten sweet, very thirsty, hunger again after a meal, tendency to use alcohol, lifeless, heavily tired, trembling, inner unrest, depression, lust or urge to crying, absent-mindedness, weak concentration, anxiety states, unmotivated anxiety. (Part 2): Dizziness, headache and / or migraine, insomnia / poor sleep, fainting, irritability, Woman: lack of sexuality, Man: cramps, muscle pain, sweating, cold sweats, hot flashes, nightmares, heart palpitations, suicidal tendencies, thoughts of hopelessness, claustrophobia / fear of constipation, constipation, obesity / overweight, leanness / underweight, fast blue paste after bump, pain on the left abdominal side, allergy.

 5) Oxygen uptake and Energy:

Complaints related to the oxygen uptake and Energy: Fatigue, loss of performance, listlessness, no sense in anything, no motivation, depression.

 6) Free Radicals Pathology:

Free Radicals Pathology / Super Oxide Dysmutase: S.O.D./Copper: Anemia (anemia), general weakness, fatigue, skin complaints (vitiligo), disturbed breathing (short of breath), osteoporosis, reduced resistance, edema formation, irritability, loss of taste. SOD / Zinc: White spots under the nails, hair loss, dull hair, fatigue, acne, eczema, open leg, poor wound healing, psoriasis, sterility, loss of smell and taste, stress, quickly infected, reduced resistance, prostate problems, joint inflammation, restless legs (especially at night), no appetite, lagging growth and sexual development, skin disorders, night blindness. S.O.D./Mangan: Variable blood sugar levels, poor growth (in children), paralysis, dizziness, hearing loss (hearing impairment), ringing in the ears, arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint swelling, cartilage hardening, cracking joints, osteoporosis (bone loss). S.O.D./Vitamin C: Fatigue, reduced resistance, gum bleeding, mucosal infections, shortness of breath, hematomas (bruises), infection sensitivity, joint pains, loose teeth, general malaise, drowsiness, depression. S.O.D./Béta- Carotene: Visual disturbances, night and / or twilight blindness, reduced resistance to infections, dry / rough skin, callus formation, loss of or decreased sense of smell, lack of appetite. S.O.D./Vitamin E: Muscular dystrophy, weak blood vessels, muscle relaxation, leg (cramps), skin problems, anemia, age spots.

Free Radicals Pathology / Glutathione Peroxidase (GP): G.P./Selenium: Early aging, less resistance, muscle pain, muscle weakness, dandruff, less resilience in the tissues, arrhythmias, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, tail, heavy metal poisoning, infertility. G.P./Vitamin B2: Growth disorders, skin disorders, tongue inflammation, inflamed corners of the mouth, inflammation of the nose, bloodshot eyes, burning eyes, sensitivity to light, dry mouth, insomnia / poor sleep, impaired vision, tiredness.

Free Radicals Pathology / Catalase (Cat.): Cat./Vitamin C: Fatigue, reduced resistance, gum bleeding, mucosal inflammation, shortness of breath, hematomas (blue spots), susceptibility to infection, joint pains, loose teeth, general malaise, drowsiness, depression. Cat./Folic acid: Anemia, poor appetite, fatigue, paleness, muscle weakness, reduced sensitivity, nervous system disorders, forgetfulness, headache, apathy, low reflexes, birth defects, spontaneous abortion, growth disorders, restless legs, depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, anxiety, hair loss, skin inflammation, bowel disorders, diarrhea, constipation (congestion), tongue inflammation (glossitis), weight loss, loss of appetite, maternity mask. Cat / Vitamin B12: Anemia, blue / red smooth / sore tongue, thrush (mouth ulcers), vagina ulcers, intestinal disorders, fatigue, headache, palpitations, psychosis, digestive disorders, neurological disorders, feeling as if on felt walking, concentration disorders, depression, limb lethargy, difficulty speaking and / or walking, impaired reflexes, whiteness, aphasia (I cannot speak), irritability, nausea, confusion, dizziness, muscle weakness, diarrhea. Cat / Copper: Anemia (anemia), general weakness, tiredness, skin complaints (vitiligo), disturbed breathing (short of breath), osteoporosis, reduced resistance, edema formation, irritability, loss of taste. Cat / Iron: Anemia, general weakness, pale skin, dizziness, respiratory problems, obstruction (gut), broken nails, skin disorders, teeth disorders, shortness of breath, perspiration, headache, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, fainting (feeling of) .