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Health System No. 5: Oxygen uptake (energy):

As soon as your stomach starts to produce too much acid to remove surpluses in this way, too little Intrinsic Factor (IF) is often produced in the 12-finger intestine, which in turn results in a bad B12 intake.

If an intestinal dysbiosis occurs (too few good bacteria / contents of your intestine has a pH value between 5.8 and 6.8) vitamin B12 and therefore folic acid, copper and iron are not properly absorbed in your body.

As a result, insufficient haemoglobin (oxygen carrier) can be linked to the red blood cells in the red bone marrow, which can lead to problems with oxygen transport.

If there is less oxygen in the cells, less energy can be produced, causing vague symptoms due to anaemia. Fatigue, lethargy, no sense in anything, loss of strength, no motivation and depression can be the cause.

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